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Director - Enterprise Director

Christina JardimChristina Jardim
Director - Enterprise Director

Christina Jardim is the director of enterprise development at Florida International University. She is responsible for providing strategic oversight and development of feasibility studies in the analysis of key partnerships and strategic alliances. Her roles include acting as liaison and providing analytical support for the direct service organizations and the contracts and grants trust funds. Christina also analyzes and recommends strategic investments in the university's operations including new academic programs and new ventures.

Throughout her career, Christina has transitioned companies from auxiliary to corporate ownership, from manual systems to corporate networks and from single-site to multi-site operations. Among her achievements has been systems implementation, revenue generation, and collections optimization to increase profitability.

As president of an off-shore steel fabrication firm for over seven years, Christina led strategic planning, operational improvements and revenue growth for a company with 130 employees. She has analyzed and applied tactical changes to numerous business processes including financial and cost management, marketing and sales.

Along her career path, as a financial analyst, Christina performed short-term income forecasting on financial instruments at the federal home loan bank of New York. She interpreted data and tracked variances in financial performance for trend analysis and developed procedural manuals – in this case, for generating an income forecast for mortgage-backed securities.

Christina began her career as purchasing manager for Laparkan Group of Companies in Guyana, with a $500,000 annual purchasing portfolio. Her analysis and pitch to leadership resulted in a successful shift of market focus to a profitable new niche. During this time she developed the ability to aggressively negotiate with vendors. Christina holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and International Commerce from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Florida.