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Senior Financial Analyst

Yakeline Rodriguez Yakeline Rodriguez
Financial Analyst

Yakeline is the Senior Financial Analyst for Auxiliary and Enterprise Development at Florida International University. She is primarily responsible for assisting in budget development and financial analysis for Auxiliary Operations and Intercollegiate Athletics Trust Funds.

Yakeline joined FIU in 2010 as a Budget Coordinator for the Office of Business Services, where she assisted in the development of complex driver-based budget and forecast models, consisting of trend data and what-if analysis for 6 business lines with $40M in sales. She collaborated on the implementation of Adaptive Insights, an on-demand, cloud-based planning and forecasting tool, which allows for driver-based budgeting and reporting. She also led the implementation of the QuickBooks accounting system to manage business partners' Accounts Receivable, produce aging reports and streamline the billing process for credits to the expense.

Yakeline has over 10 years' experience in Accounting. Prior to joining FIU, Yakeline was the Accounting Manager for Retail Business Development, a full service wireless retail outsourcing, training and management company operating throughout the US and Puerto Rico; she was responsible for managing all financial transactions for 8 consulting companies, with 45 retail stores and $13M in sales. Yakeline’s major accomplishment was the accounting restructure and QuickBooks implementation which enabled the company to transition the financial information from one entity to 8 different companies.

Early in her career Yakeline was the Payroll Manager at Fiduciaria La Previsora, a Colombian government finance entity, with more than 300 employees.

Yakeline holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a Specialization in Labor Law from the National University of Colombia. She is also a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1997.