Office of Auxiliary & Enterprise Development

The mission Office of Auxiliary & Enterprise Development is to support the development of revenue-generating operations by providing strategic oversight and analyzing the feasibility of the university’s key external investments, partnerships, and strategic alliances. To serve as analytical support in a client-friendly and productive way that adds value to the University.

Auxiliary News

  • In order to standardize rates across all business units and ensure proper accounting, a new workflow for the creation of these items will be implemented starting July 1, 2022.  This workflow process will ensure that duplicates are minimized, and appropriate services and rates are available to the university community.
  • For longer term license/leases, no matter the funding source of the space (e.g., auxiliary, E&G, donation, etc.), the Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development (AED) must be consulted, and approve, before units engage with external parties. Please visit –