Common Auxiliary Reports

XA Report

The XA Report is the most useful auxiliary report since it includes beginning and ending fund balance, budget and actuals down to the budgetary and GL account level, and has detail by period.  This report can be ran for any given fiscal year.

DT Report

This report is useful for reviewing revenue and expense transaction detail, but it does not include fund balance details.

AS Report

The AS report is commonly used by executive area budget managers to complete their quarterly variance reporting.  This report has high level detail for revenue and expenses, plus transfers and fund balance, by activity number and fund group.  This report is excellent for reviewing activity across your entire unit and not just auxiliaries.

BX Report

This report is the most like a common profit and loss statement scene in the private sector.  It has high level detail for current and prior year budget and actuals down to the budgetary and GL account level.  It also includes a calculated ending fund balance and is a very useful ‘one-pager’ for an auxiliary enterprise.

AED stands ready to assist units with these reports and any other ad hoc reports needed to support your enterprise.  Please contact us at with your request for a query or nVision layout.