University Budget

The Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development (AED) works in conjunction with the Office of Financial Planning (OFP) to complete the annual university operating budget.  In addition, AED works with units/colleges/areas to ensure that the Board of Trustee’s approved operating budget is followed through the fiscal year.

AED is responsible for the following major funding areas:

  • Academic Auxiliaries
  • Other Auxiliaries including recharge centers (rates are approved and operations supported by the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED))
  • FIU Housing
  • FIU Parking
  • Incidental Revenue activities, e.g. fund 501
  • Contracts and Grants, e.g. fund 601 and 602
  • Sponsored Research
  • Athletics
  • Board Approved Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Self-Insurance Program
  • Student Health
  • Treasury
  • FIU Foundation (DSO)
  • FIU Research Foundation (DSO)
  • Athletic Finance Corporation (DSO)
  • FIU Healthcare Network (DSO)

AED supports these major areas with:

  • Operating budget preparation
  • Monthly and quarterly variance analysis
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Budget Authority Amendments
  • DSO Reimbursements
  • Budgetary Controls, i.e. commitment control, budget transfers and journals

If you should have any questions regarding any of these major funding or support areas please contact the responsible financial manager located here.